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> The Battle of Grunwald (Tannenberg) -1410

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4,095 words
50 banners
A copiously annotated/linked webpage dealing with the battle, the participants in the battle, events prior to the battle the course of the battle, its consequences on modern culture, and the Polish and Lithuanian banners in the battle
4,650 words
12 visuals
An analysis of Jan Matjko's huge historical painting of the battle
6,575 words A running account of the battle. Origin of account not stated
2,765 words A discussion of the battle - referred to in Poland as occuring at Grunwald - between the Knights of the Teutonic Order and the combined Polish -Lithuanian forces
1,925 words
A 1999 exhibition devoted to the battle - referred to in Poland as Grunwald - mounted by the Lithuanian Art Museum.
1,574 words Basic Facts, Armies, Before the Battle; Course of the Battle, Final Result
2,680 words
3 maps
Prelude; The Battle July 15 1410; The Forces; The Teutonic Order; The Union Army - The Polish forces, Lithuanian Forces, Lay of the Land and Deployment; The Opening Phase; The Middle Phase; The final Phases; The Lithuanian retreat; The Fight for the Standard
585 words Ignacy Jan Paderewski comments at the unveiling of the Grunwald Monument in Krakow on July 15, 1910, on hte 500th anniversary of the battle. Paderewski had donated the monument to Krakow.
325 words
5 visuals
Details about the creation of the painting and what it represents with four enlargement od representations of leaders in the battle.
one painting Painting of the Battle by Wojciech Kossak 1931. Oil on canvas. 350 x 400cm. Museum of the Polish Army, Warsaw
335 words
4 stamps
Polish stamps commemorating the battle
1,730 words A description of the antecedents and the course of the battle
4,515 words Account of the battle by Jan Dlugosz, secretary to the Bishop of Cracow, written sixty years after battle. The principal source of information about the battle.       cached
475 words A summary of the reasons for the battle, the battle itself, and what followed.
52 banners The banners of units of the Teutonic knights and allies which participated in the battle of Tannenberg (Grunwald) as copied in 1448 by Stanislaw Durink
3,626 words
4 maps
Webpage very similar, though slightly less extensive, to the wikipedia article listed at the top.
5,355 words
  A seven part account of the post-1910 history of the Grunwald monument in Krakow
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