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The Story of Panna Maria, TX



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Priest and Pioneer: Rev. Leopold Moczygemba
26.500 words A detailed account, published in 1951. of Fr. Moczygemba's life including his role in the founding the settlemnet of Panna Maria, TX
Polish Texans 1,730 words An overview of the Polish settlements in Texas, those arising form the 1854 Panna Maria wave, those of the 1867 second wave to Waverly in Walker County, and later ones.
Panna Maria, Texas 1,100 words Panna Maria Historical Society's webpage. It features several on line issues of a newsletter and pages about Panna Maria's Church, Visitor's Center, etc.
Why the Cows Wouldn't Come Home 730 words A charming and humorous contemporary story about Polish Texans and their spirit.
Welcome to Panna Maria 2,890 words Teresa A. Brinkhous' 2002 notes about Panna Maria, a student project
Panna Maria -- pierwsza polska osada w USA 670 words A Polish language page about the Panna Maria settlement

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