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Portrait of his Daughter Beata with a Canary Revival of Lazarus Self-Portrait Battle of Grunwald Chmielnicki
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680 words Matejko as an avid collector of costumes, clothing, fabrics, armor, and historical artifacts.
20 paintings flag   A gallery of paintings and biographical details (170 words).
157 paintings flag   A gallery of paintings with links to biography (289 words) and bibliographical pages (12 books).
18 paintings A gallery of paintings by Matejko.
1,020 words Grove Dictionary entry for Matejko
1 painting A painting and commentary on his artistic posture (511 words).
4 paintings
2,040 words
Biographical essay focusing on his painting program
1 painting flag   Matejko's painting "Stefan Batory pod Pskowem"
12 paintings flag   A gallery of paintings and biographical details (226 words).
285 words Description of Matejko's house in Krakow, now a museum
61 paintings flag  Gallery of paintings and biographical sketch (205 words)
47 paintings flag  Gallery of paintings and 44 drawings of Polish monarchs
12 visuals
4,650 words
An analysis of the title painting in the context of history and as a both artistic and political statement
11 paintings Click on the forward arrow to view all of the paintings by Matejko
1 paintings Incipient article about the artist
7 paintings flag   Page has links to Wikipedia pages for six specific Matejko canvases
885 words A short biography by Prof. Roman Solecki
General sources and locations of paintings at top: from the left
    "Portrait of his Daughter Beata with a Canary", c. 1882, National Museum, Warsaw
    "Revival of Lazarus", c. 1867
    "Self-Portrait", c. 1892, National Museum, Warsaw
    "Battle of Grunwald", c. 1874, National Museum, Warsaw
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