Historical Geography Polish Cities Contributions of Polish People
Legends Foods and Folk Customs

      Time-line of Polish History
      Concise History of Poland

     The European Continent
      Central Europe
           Fact Sheet: Population & Languages
           Activity: Geography
            Activity: Languages and Alphabets
            Activity: Geography
            Activity: Map Labeling
            Activity: Word Match

Polish Cities
     A City in Poland: Gdansk
           Narrative description - 660 words
            Deciphering a message - activity
            Legend: The Queen of the Baltic
                  Story: 350 words
                  Coloring Page: Queen of the Baltic
            Coloring page: Gdansk's Coat of Arms
            Coloring page: Ancient Grain Elevator
            Coloring page: The Port of Gdynia
      A City in Poland: Krakow
            Krakow: Narrative description
            Legend: The Trumpeter of Krakow
                  The Trumpeter and the Tartars
                  Coloring Page: Trumpeter of Krakow
            Legend: The Wawel Dragon
            Coloring page: Krakow's Coat of Arms
            Coloring page: Juvenalia
            Coloring page:Wawel Cathedral
            Coloring page:Krakow Folk Costumes
      A City in Poland: Warsaw
            Warsaw: Narrative description
            Legend: The Mermaid of Warsaw
            Coloring page: Warsaw's Coat of Arms
            Coloring page: Warsaw's Old Town
      A City in Poland: Zakopane
            Zakopane: Narrative description
            Mountains of the World
            Word search - activity
            Olympics in Zakopane - debate
            Winter Games - decoding activity
            Coloring page:Podhale Costume

Contributions of Polish People
      Frederic Chopin Pages
            Chopin: Biography: 136 words
            Chopin: Activity Sheet
            Coloring Page: Chopin
      Nicolaus Copernicus
           Copernicus: Biography 100 words
           Coloring Page: Copernicus
      Maria Curie Sklodowska
            Curie: Biography: 64 words
            Curie: Biography: 144 words
            Curie: Biography: 135 words & insertion
            Coloring Page: Curie
      Tadeusz Kosciuszko Pages
           Kosciuszko: Biography 100 words
           Kosciuszko: Biography 225 words
           Kosciuszko: Biography words
           Tadeusz Kosciuszko coloring pages
                 Coloring Page: Kosciuszko
                Coloring Page: Kosciuszko with flag
                 Coloring Page: Kosciuszko House
           Kosciuszko - activity
           Kosciuszko's will
      Casimir Pulaski Pages
           Pulaski: Biography 66 words
           Pulaski: Biography 200 words & insertion
           Casimir Pulaski coloring pages
                 Coloring Page: Pulaski
                Coloring Page: Pulaski & Washington
                 Coloring Page: Fort Pulaski
           Pulaski - 225 letter search
           Pulaski - 240 letter search
           Pulaski Day Debating Points
            Pulaski Day Debate
            Essay Construction
           Where is General Pulaski Buried?
           Kosciuszko-Pulaski comparisons

      The Legend of Janosik
            Story: 500 words
            Word Search: 143-letter search
            Sentence Sequencing Activity
            Janosik - Robin Hood Comparisons
            Pro and Con Activity
            Coloring Page: Janosik
     The Legend of the Queen of the Baltic
            Story: 350 words
            Coloring Page: Queen of the Baltic
      The Legend of the Sleeping Knights
            Story: 400 words
            Word Completion Activity
            Historical Data Insertion Activity
            Coloring Page: Sleeping Knights
      The Legend of the Three Brothers
            Story 400 words
            Coloring Page: Three Brothers
      The Legend of Trumpeter of Krakow
            Story: 240 words
            Then and Now Activity
            Coloring Page: Trumpeter of Krakow
     The Legend of the Warsaw Mermaid
            Story: 300 words
      The Legend of Wawel Dragon
            Story: 240 words
            Sentences Sequencing Activity
            Discussion Activity
            Coloring Page: Wawel Dragon

Foods and Folk Customs
      Wycinanki - how to make
            Patterns from the Kurpie Region
            Patterns from the Lowicz Region
      Christmas Tree Ornaments - how to make
            A Selection of Ornaments
            Double Star with Eight Points activity
            Porcupine Star
            Coloring page: Decorated Xmas Tree
      Easter Egg Decoration - how to make
            Polish Easter eggs decorations
           Pisanki: Easter eggs designs
            Easter card activity
     Polish Foods
            Common Dishes
            Common Dishes & word insertion
            Polish Salad Recipe