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14 sections Rich source of information about Warsaw, its history, attractions, musea and galleries, etc. plus a wealth of street addresses of significant offices and institutions in the city.
17 webpages Pages created in 1999 for the government with information about Warsaw, Poland`s capital and, with 1.62 million inhabitants, the largest city in Poland. Areas touched upon in 300 word or so descriptions include a listing of the city's officials, a statement of its administrative structure, its statistics, history, technical infrastructure, economy, investments opportunities, cultural and educational statistics.
150+ webpages An large website that provides much information about Warsaw and its attractions as well as commercial establishments
3,800 words, 89 illustrations An interesting and richly illustrated site with pages devoted to: The Old and New Town, Warsaw Palaces,Warsaw Monuments, Warsaw that no longer exists, Monument of Fighting Warsaw, and History of Warsaw. Thelatter two sections are presented exclusively in Polish, the English of the other pages evidence some unusualspellings and syntax.
1,140 words Five webpages with a total of 45 photographs of Warsaw and accompanying descriptions costituting together a virtual tour of the city.
Center   The Royal Route   Ghetto Memorials   Heroes Memorials   Parks
6 panoramas Spherical, dynamic panoramas taken from six locations both outside and inside of the Cathedral
745 words Warsaw Voice's interview with the Director of the Royal Castle regarding the history of its reconstruction after WWII
750 words Warsaw Voice's article about Warsaw's Lazienki Park, its most beautiful
615 words The history of the building the Party House that was the Politburo's building during communist times, i.e. the center of the party's power and then in a reversal of roles housed, from 1992 to 2001, the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
3,000 words Website provides general information about the city and its metropolitan area, population, education and culture, recreation, history, economy, etc.
95 links Page of links to Warsaw and Warsaw's province.
19 links Links to assorted Warsaw maps - some to the point, others not
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