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Władysław (Wladyslaw) Reymont pages

Timeline, 6 essays, prose smple
3 film related comments. links


Prose sample

The Promised Land: Łódź was waking.
- 740 words


Keen Observer and Master of Descriptive Prose
by Peter K. and Teresa Gessner - 1,750 words

Strike! Adapting to the Industrial Revolution
by Peter K. Gessner - 1,020 words

Władysław Reymont: Autobiographical Notes of the Nobel Laureate
- 2,370 words

Reymont in America
- 350 words

The Nobel Prize: A Bitter Irony
- 260 words

"The Promised Land": Three comments
- 620 words

Comments on the screen version of The Promised Land

Wajda and the making and revising of The Promised Land
- 990 words

Wajda's use of Contrasts: Aesthetics and Style.
by Dr.Wieslaw Godzic - 680 words

The Knightly Ethos: Its Disintegration
by Adam Michnik - 320 words


Władysław Reymont

Wajda's film: The Promised Land


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